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This website provides information to customers and non-customers of Credit Agricole CIB AO. Products and services described on the site shall be offered and used in accordance with the corresponding contractual terms and conditions and do not represent a public offer. This website was created in accordance with Russian law.

Information provided on the site

Information on this site is periodically updated. Between updates information is changing. In this regard Credit Agricole CIB AO is not liable for promptness, accuracy and completeness of this information. Credit Agricole CIB AO reserves the right to update the information at any time without any prior notice. If this site includes information supplied by the third parties or the links to the websites of the third parties Credit Agricole CIB AO does not guarantee promptness and accuracy of the information available on such websites or links, not liable for its content and it does not signify an endorsement of such content. The content of this site is intended for information only. A user of this site is responsible for using the information presented by the third parties critically and discerningly. Credit Agricole CIB AO is not liable for information, opinions and recommendations provided by these third parties.

You are reminded of the risks associated with electronic data transmission, including delays, omissions and inaccuracies. Information of this on this website is translated into English for information purposes. In case of any discrepancies between Russian and English version the Russian version shall prevail.

Intellectual Property

The information on this site is strictly for personal use. Usage of information for public, commercial or any other purposes is not allowed. All data (text, sound and images) included on the pages of this site as well as its structure are the sole property of Credit Agricole CIB AO or its partners. Copying, displaying, sharing all or part of the content of this site, other than for personal purposes, by any means whatsoever as well as creating links to this website without prior written consent of Credit Agricole CIB AO is prohibited. Any breach of this rule shall constitute an infringement and may carry civil and criminal penalties. It is strictly forbidden to use or copy the name “Crédit Agricole CIB AO” and/or its logo, individually or together, for any purpose whatsoever, and in particular for advertising purposes, without the prior written consent of Credit Agricole CIB AO.

Downloading or copying software or other information from the Credit Agricole CIB AO site shall not transfer the ownership rights to said software or information.

About our partners

While Credit Agricole CIB AO makes every effort to obtain its information from sources believed to be reliable, it does not guarantee that information quoted on its site are accurate, reliable, complete and up-to-date. Credit Agricole CIB AO accepts no express or implied liability for the accuracy, completeness or timely provision of such information.