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General Information

  • Full name: “Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank” Joint Stock Company
  • Short name: Credit Agricole CIB AO
  • Legal organisational form: Joint Stock Company
  • Number of registration: 1680
  • Date of registration within CBR: 24.12.1991
  • TIN: 7831000612
  • PSRN: 1027800000953
  • BIC: 044525191
  • Legal address: 1-6 Bolshoi Zlatoustinskiy per., 101000, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Phone number: 8 (495) 564 85 00
  • Registered capital: RUB 4 503 000 000,00
  •  Auditor:
    TSATR – Audit Services LLC
    Address: 77, Sadovnicheskaya nab., building 1, 115035, Moscow
  •  Territorial Administration of the Bank of Russia
    Main branch of the Central bank of the Russian Federation in Central Federal District,
    adress: 2 Balchug Street, Moscow, 115035,
    Phone: tel. (495) 950-21-90, факс (499) 230-34-12


    CREDIT AGRICOLE CIB AO is the member of:


    The Service for ongoing banking supervision of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation oversees the activity of "Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank" Joint Stock Company, registration number 1680. Please, use the following telephone numbers to contact the Central Bank of the Russian Federation -  8-800-250-40-72, 8-495-771-91-00.

    Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation supervises the abidance by the legislation of the Russian Federation on consumer protection in financial services. Any breach of the Russian legislation and legitimate rights of private individuals and legal entities committed by a credit institution can be reported to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation via Internet: