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Credit Lyonnais was the first foreign Bank allowed to work in Russia back in 1879. Steady development of the Bank contributed to the opening of several branches, however in 1917 the activities of the Credit Lyonnais in Russia has been suspended.

  • 1972 Credit Lyonnais is one of first bank to open foreign representative office in the Soviet Union.
  • 1989 Credit Lyonnais was involved in the creation of the International Moscow Bank (General license No. 1)
  • 1991 Credit Lyonnais opened in St.-Petersburg the first Russian Bank with 100% foreign capital Credit Lyonnais Russia (General license No. 2).
  • 1997 Change of name of the Bank - Credit Lyonnais Rusbank
  • 2004 In connection with the successful consolidation of banking groups - Credit Agricole and Credit Lyonnais created CALYON Bank, Russian subsidiary changes name to CALYON Rusbank ZAO
  • 2010 After global re-branding of the Credit Agricole Group, Bank changes its name to Crdit Agricole Corporate and investment Bank ZAO (CA CIB ZAO which became CA CIB AO in 2015)
  • 2013 Forbes ranked CACIB ZAO among top 4 of the most reliable banks in Russia
  • 2015 The Bank ranks among top international CIB banks in Russia